Falls Chamber Awards

Annual Chamber Awards

The Falls Chamber of Commerce Annual Awards are presented at the Falls Celebration. Chamber members are invited to nominate other Chamber members in any or all of the categories below. Nominations are due by January 16, 2023. Please send your nominations to director@fallschamber.org. A ballot survey will be emailed to members after that for voting. Each member business is able to cast one ballot. 

Categories and Descriptions:

  • New Business of the Year – Awarded to a new business that uses sound business practices and demonstrates success and profitability while overcoming key business challenges.
  • Renovation/Business Improvement of the Year – Awarded to a business that has constructed or remodeled its facilities or upgraded services in a significant way, having a positive effect on local businesses or the community.
  • Business Person of the Year – Awarded to a business leader who has shown exemplary leadership in their business field and is successful in their chosen profession.
  • Business of the Year – Awarded to a company that demonstrates all-round excellence in business, with commercial success, growth, and community involvement.
  • Falls Spirit – Awarded by the Board of Directors to a person or group who advocates the promotion of business growth by demonstrating ethical leadership and showing an active interest in the betterment of the business community.
  • Ambassador of the Year – Awarded by the Ambassadors for outstanding leadership and service.
Awards for 2009
New Business of the Year: Uptown Floral Renovation/Improvement of the Year: Franconia Sculpture Park Business Person of the Year: Danette Olson Business of the Year: NEI Electric Falls Spirit Award: Meg Luhrs and Leif Bjornson
Awards for 2010
New Business of the Year: Royal Credit Union Renovation/Improvement of the Year: Petro Plus Business Person of the Year: Kirk Anderson Business of the Year: The River Bank Falls Spirit Award: Barb Young
Awards for 2011
New Business of the Year: CyclovaXC Renovation/Improvement of the Year: Wild Rivers Habitat for Humanity – ReStore Business Person of the Year: Brad Nygren Business of the Year: MarketPlace Foods Falls Spirit Award: Steve Bont
Awards for 2012
New Business of the Year: Dalles Bakery & Coffee House Renovation/Improvement of the Year: Holiday Inn Express Business Person of the Year: Pam Stratmoen Business of the Year: Central Insurance Falls Spirit Award: Colleen Leuschner
Awards for 2013
New Business of the Year: Sign-Express Renovation/Improvement of the Year: Trollhaugen Business Person of the Year: Amy Frischmon Business of the Year: The BitWorks Falls Spirit Award: Amanda Troff
Awards for 2014
New Business of the Year: Star Education Foundation Renovation/Improvement of the Year: Easy IT Guys Business Person of the Year: Kirk Anderson Business of the Year: St Croix Regional Medical Center Falls Spirit Award: Scott Hansen