Chamber Info

Thank you for your interest in the Falls Chamber of Commerce.

The Falls Chamber of Commerce advocates, promotes and supports business members and our communities.

Bringing together businesses for a common goal.The Falls Chamber of Commerce provides support and opportunities for self promotion, enhancement and preservation of the unique identity of our business community.

  • Assisting in the location and development of manufacturers and other industries.
  • Conducting a business association which will bring merchants, professionals, trades people and all interested parties in closer association and work for the mutual advantage and protection of the same.
  • Assisting and encouraging other organizations, both governmental and civic, where their objects and purposes coincide with ours.
  • Promoting integrity and good faith.
  • Fostering just and equitable principles in business.
  • Preventing or adjusting controversies.
  • Discovering and assisting in correcting abuses.
  • Advancing the general welfare and prosperity and fostering and promoting the commercial, industrial, physical and moral development of the Cities and our trade area.
  • Encouraging and assisting in public improvements of all kinds.